About Me

Who Marna Cathleen has been


Marna also has a deep spiritual practice that started at the age of sixteen years old when she placed herself into a drug rehab for what she considered to be alcohol abuse.  It was in those thirty days that Marna began her spiritual practice of personal inquiry and connecting with something greater than herself.  God became a very personal relationship for her as a teenager as she looked out upon the world and realized how big it is and how small she felt at times within the world.  She spent a few years in a very intimate and personal relationship with her understanding of god.

Over time her spiritual journey has taken her away from God as a deity that is outside of herself and personal.  And has come full circle to embrace god in a new way.  She realized that God lives within her and all beings and is not a personal deity that belongs to any one religion, person or belief system.  She has walked the meditation path for over 20 years and has passed through many big spiritual experiences that were mind-blowing and opening only to come back down to reality to realize that experiences and epiphanies come and go.  And now she continually asks herself after the experiences fade and integrate, what remains? (click on my spiritual journey to learn more about this)


She hold a Bachelor’s degree from CIIS in Integral Studies, has an Early Children Education teaching permit and is currently working towards her Master in Social Work at San Jose State.  She has worked with the homeless, with alcoholics and drug addicts.  In her early 20’s she worked very closely with teens in jails and institutions who were struggling with substance abuse.  Marna has a wide knowledge of the twelve step which include, Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, Codependence Anonymous and embraces the wisdom of these programs.   She also recognizes the limitations that are present in these programs for some people and has recently been studying other types of modalities such as Motivational interviewing and the Stages of Change Model that can also support change within peoples lives.

Marna had been an early childhood educator for over twenty years.   She has literally worked with hundreds of children through out her life.  She has been studying the teaching style of the Reggio Emilio schools in Italy for over twenty years which is based on the principles of respect, responsibility, and community through exploration and discovery in a supportive and enriching environment based on the interests of the children through a self-guided curriculum.  She has a real gift for teaching children and making close connections with them.


She is also trained in the art of limit setting and conflict resolution with children and adults.  She uses and approach that mirrors many of the traditional models.  She has developed her own approach to helping parents and teachers integrate theory and practice.  She does this through the use of self-reflective techniques that are designed to point each parent back to themselves as their own authority

She trained for four years in the The Hakomi Method which is a mindfully based psychotherapy that utilizes self awareness and inquiry as the basis of healing.  In addition she trained for one year in EFT The Emotional Freedom Technique.  She has also trained with Babette Rothchilds program working with PTSD and other traumas.  All of this training has benefited her in her own personal life.

A not from Marna:  I have realized that all of this training makes me an amazing person who has an emotional intelligence that can often feel lonely.  The lonely road has to do with  having so many skills that I can use on myself but that I can not always share deeply with those closest to me.  However I have know regrets for the path I have chosen and I hope to take my skills out into the world in much bigger way very soon.


Marna has traveled to India, Thailand, London, France, Fiji and parts of Mexico.

She loves to dance and dances at least 2-3 times a week and believes that using the body and movement is probably more healing than anything we can talk about.


Marna Cathleen is a very dynamic and interesting person with many gifts that have not been fully tapped into yet.  Maybe with the passing of Blue and the process Blue  has started for me I can begin to complete my life in a more full and satisfying way.


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