Shifting Paradigms

A Journey Through Pregnancy Loss
This blog site is dedicated the life and death and my unborn child, Blue.
Interrupted Pregnancy for Trisomy 18 
June 2012-Oct 5th 2012

Shifting paradigms is about what it means to be a mother, a women, a partner, a daughter, a sister, a friend and everything in between when you lose a baby, which by nature is tragic.  Its about turning tragedy into action and into love.  That doesn’t happen over night.

In these blog pages I am writing about my journey through the loss of a very wanted pregnancy and how over time it gets transformed for deep pain, grief and sorrow to action love. These pages encompass the complications that happen within a relationship, within a family, between friends when tragedy hits.  And in a very real sense how this loss has changed the trajectory of my life forever.  I share my personal process of the loss from the beginning to now, to the place where I know there is no end.

My story includes many lenses:

  • A women who had a surprise pregnancy at 40 years old,
  • A women who has had no prior children or pregnancies before or after.
  • I will write about how this loss effected my relationship with the baby’s father. How we lost ourselves and each other completely.
  • How I have felt lonely at times, even in the face of other women who have had this same loss who either had children already or were able to try again with their partners.
  • The many other subtleties of being a women who went through all the biological changes a women goes through with a baby but not having nothing to hold.
  • Finally coming to terms with not having the “Rainbow” baby.   The baby everyone believes you need in order to truly heal.  I am here to testify that healing pregnancy loss is not contingent on having a successful pregnancy and mothering a live child.  This has been the biggest paradigm shift!

*Please join me on this journey and let Blue touch you as she has touched me.  Go to the menu button on the top of this page and explore in your own time the beautiful and heart breaking story of love, death and shifting paradigms.*


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